End-to-end IoT analytics solutions

End-to-End IoT Analytics Solutions

Unlock Hidden Insights in the Business

Business with heavy operations often miss valuable data due to the limitation of capturing them. With proper Internet of Things (IoT) strategy and implementation, businesses can access these data through wireless sensors. Our hardware development capabilities together with research on IoT communication, allow us support businesses through capturing these valuable data by deploying wireless sensor networks with minimal operational overhead. Our data analysis capabilities will help the businesses to make the most out of the collected data in order to make better decisions.

Case Study:TILT IT, Tapping into Real World Customer Engagement Data

TILT IT is an in-house developed product of ours which enables retailers discover micro-level engagement analytics. The solution is targeted for retailers who put an emphasis on merchandising inside their store.

Our IoT Analytics Development Process

Identifying Data Collection Needs

Our process starts off by working with the business to identify crucial data collection needs. We look at ways to improve existing data acquisition methods which consist of heavy operational process or tapping into un-seen data through robust IoT implementations.

Hardware Development

We are equipped with necessary facilities to build and research on IoT sensor development. Our in-house engineers start prototyping the best implementation to solve business needs and once finalised, mass manufacture through collaborating partners.


Our design process takes business context into account in order to make the solution deployment and maintenance easy. With the help of the business, we set up the workflows to deploy newly developed sensor solutions.

Monitoring & Data Acquisition

Our IoT deployments come with automated monitoring, and data collection interfaces.

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