Case Study: Discovering Opportunities Through Data Analysis, Tea Tang

Data Analytics

Better Decisions through Better Analytics

Tea Tang ( is a 40 year old tea sourcing company providing bulk and value-added tea services for clients across the globe. Tea Tang wanted us to look at their data that had been collected over the years from multiple systems.

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Tea Tang’s in-house analysis team was limited by the complexity of the business and lack of data science capabilities. With Cyrup’s capabilities, Tea Tang is now able to analyse/simulate complex business situations that can help them to,

Understand and uncover low/high risk purchasing patterns.

See stock idle times that have a high impact and come up with ways to reduce them.

See the real cost of sales by factoring in aging and other factors (for aging stock).

See and track the real value of a customer (beyond P&L).

Purchase analysis to see if a sale is really profitable (short term and long term).

Data Collection through Multiple Systems

Cyrup worked with Tea Tang’s IT division to extract data as much as possible that can benefit the data analysis. We dove into multiple systems and extracted all the business activities in detailed level as spreadsheets.

Data Visualization that Reveals Insights

With better data visualization and simulation, Tea Tang was able to discover revenue generation opportunities, and business optimization methods.