Rapid hardware prototyping

Rapid Hardware Prototyping

Idea to Hardware

For companies who want to prototype their new hardware based products in record times and for start ups who wants to produce the minimum viable product with less capital expenses. Our proven electronic and hardware capabilities reduce iteration cycles thus saving time on development and know how enables to customer to reach the market quickly through mass manufacturing consultation.

Our Rapid Hardware Prototyping Process

Design Driven Consultation

We work with our customers to come up with the optimal product. With our electronic and software development capabilities, we help our customers to choose proven technology implementations.

Electronics Prototyping

Once the requirement is set, we move on to a non-PCB based product development to validate the implementation.

Pilot Manufacturing

Once electronic prototyping is done and validated, we start developing the mass manufacture ready PCBs.

Software Touch

If the final product works with a software implementation, we start developing the companion software application suite.

Testing & Iterating

Once initial prototype is finalized, we start working with the client to further develop it or to mass manufacture.

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