Insights & Process Optimisation

Insights & Process Optimisation

Gain a Data-Driven Perspective

Businesses today generate magnitude of data through multiple systems. These systems along with traditional ways of analysing and visualising data, limit the stakeholders from making high potential decisions. An in-depth analysis will allow decision makers discover hidden insights in all aspects of the business, trends, and new opportunities. With our approach to data analytics, stakeholders can envision all that is possible, assess what is feasible, and make better decisions.

Cyrup worked with our team to design an innovative, data-driven product that seamlessly fits into Daegis’ existing work flow. By reducing our review costs by 70%, we have opened up a new revenue stream of e-discovery analytics.

Harsha Balachandra

Our Process

Setting the Strategy

Our process starts by understanding the business. Initial stage helps us to get the bigger picture, understand what works, pinpoint current pain points, and identify expectations of the stakeholders. With this understanding, we set the strategy and vision for the project.

Data Acquisition

Once the strategy is set, we explore the best way to acquire data that would help us to execute the most impactful data analysis. Our firm’s unique capabilities allow us to tap into data sources which are typically outside the reach of traditional data analysis.


With acquired data, set strategy, we jump into analysis stage. During analysis we come up with the best ways to process and combine the data to fulfill the project’s strategy. The analysis will help stakeholders to see the business in a new way, pinpoint how each process of the business, and to identify how they work independently. During analysis, we try to run simulations by changing variables, therefore, with correct data and Cyrup’s capabilities, stakeholders can ask “What if” questions that can result in business optimizations.

Actionable Metrics

Using analysed data and uncovered trends, we develop actionable metrics that will make decision making easier and set the benchmark for future business activities.


We treat our client data as highly confidential material. Our data acquisition process use bank grade secured data transfer and management methods.