Tapping into real world customer engagement

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Tapping into Real World Customer Engagement

TILT IT is an in-house developed product of ours which enables retailers discover micro-level engagement analytics. The solution is targeted for retailers who put an emphasis on merchandising inside their store.

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Using TILT IT, retailers can find out,

  1. What are products that drive engagement?
  2. What product placement decisions can I make to boost sales?
  3. What are my best cross-merchandising opportunities?
  4. Where should I locate my sales staff within the store to help “close the deal”?
  5. Do my marketing strategies drive engagement?

How it Works

TILT IT is a small sensor that can be attached to a product as a tag or attached to the surface of the product. TILT IT is a motion sensor, and when attached to a product it tracks customer engagement through motion.

The Hardware

TILT IT consists of two hardware components, sensors (tags) and the hub to which sensors communicate. To tackle the business requirement we needed a sensor that has an ultra low power consumption and a considerable amount of communication range to communicate with the hub. Our R&D efforts were focused on solving these 2 factors and we finally came up with a sensor powered by bluetooth low energy. As the power source CR2032 coin cell battery is used. The in-built accelerometer detects motion and sends signals to the hub.  With these characteristics, sensor lasts up to 8 months or 4000 interaction detections.

The hub collects data from sensors and sends to the cloud based analytics panel. The hub consists of both bluetooth for sensor communication and WiFi for cloud based communication. The firmware makes sure that data is sent to the server with maximum reliability through local caching implementation.

The Software

The TILT IT analytics panel helps the merchant to make sense of the engagement data collected by sensors. Combining our software development and data analytics capabilities, TILT IT analytics panel has been developed to generate actionable metrics through raw sensor data.

Businesses using TILT IT

Dialog Axiata PLC deployed TILT IT at their retail outlet to discover how customers are engaging with displayed mobile phones.

1872 Clipper Tea deployed TILT IT at ion orchard Singapore to discover how visitors are engaging with tea samples.